Youth Classes

ICA strives to create an environment that teaches the safety and aesthetic aspects of Circus Arts, as well as a kinetic understanding of where the movement comes from. Each student enrolls in a class that is appropriate for their age and level, that group then begins a series of curriculum lessons (Briefly outlined below) as well as physical theatre, technique, strength and conditioning, performance and compilation, and abstract movement and dance. Each season focuses on a different set of goals, and each goal is accomplished by using multiple apparatus and cross training technique.

Each group receives a color code that they will maintain for the duration of their career at ICA. In General, a student will remain with their given color and advance as a group, as long as it is still appropriate to their level of ability. A student is eligible to take more than one class once they have successfully passed their first round of basics.

Each student can take as many classes as they like, and will be invited to audition for the Circus Factory Training Program when appropriate. ICA Ground skills courses are mixed discipline as well, and include theatre performance and physical comedy training.Curriculum lessons guides:

Beginning Circus Arts: The basic elements of circus arts. Each class consists of warm-up and conditioning, basic tumbling, and work on circus equipment. This class establishes a solid basis for movement through dance, contortion and character exercises.

Intro to Aerial Arts: Focusing on trick vocabulary and strength exercises, this course provides a solid basis for any aerial apparatus. Focus is on technique and grace as you work in depth on maneuvers and techniques, increased work on acrobatics and character skills.

Inter/Adv mixed Aerial Arts: Adding swinging Trapeze and "anything you can climb on...". The focus is now on music, choreography, and stinging together combinations using the technique and strength built in previous courses.

Technique: Elective course focusing on strength stamina and the manner in which you move. Student must have instructor approval

Performance: Elective course focusing on the theatrical and musical elements of the art. Act creation, and execution, how to direct as well as how to be directed, theatre theory, how to write a resume, and auditioning. Student must have instructor approval

Circus Factory Training Program: By audition only. Students must be enrolled in at least one ICA class. Curriculum course, focusing on movement, and choreography in relation to music performance and audience. Professional performance opportunities
as well as event coordination.