Adult Classes

ICA offers adult classes in the following:

Aerial conditioning and Technique: Work on various apparatus as well as dance and conditioning technique. We look at movement from a place of strength and purpose.
Adult mixed Aerial Arts: All levels. Learn new vocabulary, work on technique, or learn to put together what you know (for those who have skill but don't know what to do with it!). This class will have a loose format to acclimate to the students enrolled.
Performance and Compilation: For those who have skill, and would like to work on specific performance pieces and creative compilation theory.
Adult Theatrics and Production I and II: This class is for artists who wish to hone their performance skills. Offered as curriculum style courses, each course will be divided into four basic sections: movement, music, stage, performance, and imagination, creation, execution and production. The first course is designed to build and ability to evoke emotion through music, staging, and movement patterns and build audience perspective. Followed by the second course, which builds skills in stage direction, production design and execution.